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Fearmonger (a/k/a: scaremonger): Definition:

Psychological manipulation that uses fear-based tactics (scare tactics) including exaggeration and usually repetition to influence the public in order to achieve a desired outcome.


If you’ve been following me in any way, you already know that I am a fourth-generation Floridian. South Florida was my home for the first twenty years of my life. For the next thirty-six years, Orlando has been home. Florida is a wonderful place to grow and live. Our state motto should be: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


A few hurricanes have hit my home state in my lifetime. Prior to the ‘net, we depended on the three available TV channels for updates. My dad became so frustrated with the talking heads of the time he turned it off and told us to go outside if we wanted to know what the weather was doing. Wise man.


Today, Hurricane Irma is making a beeline for us, after leaving a trail of devastation across the islands as a Cat 5. The warnings issued would have the entire state evacuated. But, hold on a sec. If there is any concrete fact about hurricanes and the direction they take it is this, we just don’t know. Sure, there are more than a few educated guesses. But there’s a reason it’s called a “projected path” and that’s because we just don’t know.


One of the forecasts now show a decrease in strength to a Cat 2 as it reaches Central Florida. At the risk of offending every hurricane-fearing reader out there I’ll quote an old saying. “Don’t wake me if it’s under a Cat 3. That’s damn good sleeping weather.”


Now, for the scaremongers. Look back at the beginning of this post and re-read the definition.


The first part is the most important to understand. Psychological manipulation. They work to keep you afraid. Why would the powers-that-be do this? To keep the general populace tuned-in, and look to the government for assurance. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but certain individuals may indeed benefit from your fear. How much money have you spent over the last week prepping? Yes, there is a genuine danger. Look at the islands that Irma crashed. But they do not know any more than can be guessed. A theory is an educated guess, and that is what we are seeing on screen.


The second part of the definition is fear-based tactics (scare tactics) including exaggeration. Not one to point fingers, but come on. Tuesday saw the forecast as Irma shredding the East Coast of Florida as a Cat 5. Did that drive you to collect all things hurricane related? Of course it did. What sane human (who has never been through this) wouldn’t? Yes, have a disaster package ready. At all times. Put up shutters when the storm turns in your direction. But mindless panic of buying every bottled water on the shelf is a bit extreme.


Now, for the media. The part of the definition that makes the biggest impact on our lives is, repetition to influence the public. In no way, shape, or form would I consider the genuine warnings of an oncoming hurricane fake news. However, there are those who allow anxiety-driven newscasts to become a part of their minute-by-minute lives. Compelled by fear, their anxiety is amped up to the point of not realizing what they are doing to those around them. Loved ones look on in dread, not knowing how to communicate with that terror-filled family member.


If this is you, please, stop. Step back. Take a deep breath. Look around at the faces of those who love you. Including your pets. Anxiety is unintentionally shared. Do you want to see everyone around you becoming bat-shit crazy as well? No? Then turn off the hurricane updates for an hour. Your nerves will thank you. Your family will thank you. Your four-legged friends (read: pets) will thank you.


Yes, Irma is to be feared. But, if you have done everything in your power to protect what is yours, no amount of fear or worry will change anything. So, take a minute to relax and appreciate the camaraderie that a storm like this can bring to the general public. Do not allow Irma to tear apart relationships, as well as property.


As for me and my family, we are prepared. thanks to plenty of advanced warning from The Weather Channel app, MyRadar app, and The Orlando Sentinel. The people in tornado-ally don’t get near as much warning as hurricane-prone states. An earthquake in Mexico struck with no warning, and has left dozens dead. In that light, we should consider ourselves fortunate.


I’ll write another post once Irma passes through. It’s now projected to come right on top of us. Most know that once a hurricane is over land, it quickly decreases in strength, not increases. But, whether a Cat 1 or 5, there is nothing more we can do.


Just so you don’t think I’m completely cavalier about Irma, I’ll close with this:


Hold on tight, folks. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.






PSA: Ethanol is Bad


In case you missed it, America runs on Ethanol. This is a corn-based fuel additive that has been around since the 1970’s. Pushed by Agribusiness as an answer to the oil crisis back then, it has become big business endorsed (read: required) by the US government.

The problem is that it doesn’t work. In fact, it can damage engines.

Personal experience: In 2009, I purchased a brand new Impala SS and still drive it today. Shortly afterward, Ethanol appeared at every gas station. The label on the pump states: May contain up to 10% Ethanol. Other labels read: Contains at least 10% Ethanol.

I knew nothing of the biofuel except that it was the next best thing to happen to cars since fossil fuel. So, I filled up time and time again without a thought.

Then, my engine started to die. Literally. There seemed no rhyme or reason to it. Driving the highway at 70 mph, or along a residential area at 25 did not matter. With no warning, the engine dropped in power. My speed declined to ten miles per hour. Doing 25 in a residential wasn’t an issue. However, 70 on the interstate can be quite traumatic.

The dash display read: “Engine Power Reduced.” Followed by “Service Stabilitrack.” By some miracle, I survived each of these sudden power failures. Once able to get off the road, I turned it off, and waited. After several restarts, the error message on the dash disappeared. To add to the frustration, my mechanic reported no code errors recorded. So he couldn’t fix what wasn’t broken.

Then I found a forum on with identical complaints. One member suggested Ethanol as the cause. He’d had his gas analyzed and found 45% Ethanol in his tank. Stopping the use of the bio-fuel has eliminated the problem for him.

I found one gas station, Wawa, which sells Ethanol-free gas. After three fill-ups, the problem has not returned. Perhaps the answer is that the computer couldn’t compensate for the half-gas mixture it was trying to draw power from. A few more trouble-free tanks will prove the point. (One can hope.)

Engine problems are not the only issue. Another demon of Ethanol is the diversion of actual food to third world countries going into our first world vehicles. How did we agree to feed our cars over our fellow starving human beings?

Here are some great articles if you’d like to read more about it, before you decide to stop using this piece of corn that is force-fed to us by the Feds.

It’s Final — Corn Ethanol Is Of No Use – Forbes

The Ethanol Scam – Rolling Stone

Can E15 Gasoline Really Damage Your Engine? – Popular Mechanics


And lastly, for my number-crunching peeps, here’s the word from the IMF on the situation:


Impact of High Food and Fuel Prices on Developing Countries


Ethanol-free is a bit more costly. So ask yourself, is an extra fifty cents a gallon worth protecting your engine, the environment, and helping to feed your fellow man worth it?

I choose yes.


JL Mo is a mother of two full grown geeks, and Nana to their geeks-in-training. She is also the author of the McShane Mini-Mystery series, and has had a number of stories published in various anthologies which can be accessed on her Amazon Author Page.

For Geek’s Sake Podcast II


What a blast I had sitting in on a recording session with the crew (minus Al) at For Geek’s Sake. As a writer, I’ll take every opportunity to promote the current work. As I recall, should you choose to listen in, you might hear me make mention of that fact once. Okay, maybe twice. Fine. I’m pretty sure I maxed out at three. Well. Pretty sure.

The actual reason I was invited to come on was to discuss the philosophy of art ownership. Once a beloved character has been released into the world, who owns it? There are a few schools of thought on this one. Let’s use  Superman  as an example.

One, Superman belongs to the fans. He’s been around since 1933, and so has his fan fiction.

Two, Superman still belongs to the creators (the estate, in this case) Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster.

Three, Superman belongs to the corporate entities that last purchased the rights.

I won’t give any spoilers on what each opinion was, but I don’t think Producer Dan and my fellow guest Eddie hated me by the end of it. (Well, here’s hoping.)

And, if they didn’t know before hand, they now know I’m writing a mystery series titled McShane Mini-Mystery  and the first four ebooks are available on Amazon.



(Insert shameless self-promotion below:)

JL Mo is a mother of two full grown geeks, and Nana to their geeks-in-training. She is also the author of the McShane Mini-Mystery series, and has had a number of stories published in various anthologies which can be accessed on her Amazon Author Page.


For Geek’s Sake Podcast

Hi everybody!

I’ve been asked to sit in on a podcast this evening with For Geek’s Sake which has made more than 100 episodes. This week they’re focusing on writers (and other artists) who have created beloved characters. The question is “…who owns art. The artists creating it, or the fans purchasing it?…”

Good question. Tune in Thursday and check out this main topic along with random conversations I have with Producer Dan and fellow guests about Monopoly pieces, a gay Power Ranger, Defenders on Nexflix, chicken meat grown in a lab, and other oddities that hit home.

I’ll post the link here when it goes live. Stay tuned!

Video Game History (Pt 2)

As a geek from way back, I enjoy being challenged on my knowledge base. The post “How well do you know your video game history?” challenged readers to test their own level of geekdom.

A website has been brought to my attention that offers some really cool information, in a retro-cool format.

Check it out here: History of Online Games

On a side note, the site referenced above has been a pleasant diversion, because eight days ago a surgeon took a bone from my left hand. I think my hand just realized it was missing.


Thanks to Brianna and her team at for making me forget that for a while.


JL Mo is a mother of two full grown geeks, and Nana to their geeks-in-training. She is also the author of the McShane Mini-Mystery series, and has had a number of stories published in various anthologies which can be accessed on her

Amazon Author Page.


Trust the Lies


On November 4, 2016, Google ran a Doodle for Walter Cronkite’s 100th birthday. If you’re unfamiliar with this newsman’s career, allow me to sum it up.

“He was the most trusted man in America.”

My mother loved him. My father respected him. Dubbed “Uncle Walt” by his fans, he was a solid public figure that all eyes turned to when the truth was needed. From 1950 to 1981, he reported on politics, war, and peace through CBS. On the assassination of America’s thirty-fifth president, JFK, all of the network cameras were on him, live, when he removed his glasses to wipe the tears from his face. He mourned with us.

The truth hurts. But he reported it. And he never gave us any reason to doubt his word.

That was then.

Today, I read an article on BBC news titled, The Rise and Rise of Fake News. I got a little nauseated thinking of how the late Walter Cronkite would react to “The National News.”

As everyone knows, corporate news affiliates broadcast twenty-four hours a day. It’s not easy competition, and all of them scramble desperately for your views. None are above trolling social media sites for a high level of shared news articles. Not all of those articles chosen for broadcast are accurate, and painfully few do any research to discern the truth.

Do you read all of the articles you share? In their entirety? Or do you read a catchy headline and just share that? If so, you may have been caught by click-bait.

There is no subject immune to the click-bait scam. I believe the most popular today must be political. I’ve read some of the most ridiculous, outlandish, nearly comical articles (yes, I read them to the end) on Hillary and The Donald. If any of these hold truth, then Hillary is one of the most murderous, vindictive Machiavellian’s in history. And Donald plans to put all women in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant (by him, naturally). Well, the pretty ones, at least.

Facebook, of all sites, is doing their censorship thing, trying to circumvent these sites before they reach you. But then the makers of these sites call foul, and entice you into believing Facebook is trying to hide some huge truth from you.

When you read, “Share this before Facebook takes it down!” warning bells should be going off in your head.

My point is, we have no *one* person we can trust, except ourselves. You and I must be diligent in finding the truth behind the curtain. Or in this case, the digital format. The truth is available. We must use our intellect, discernment, and computer acumen to discover it. When we find that Hillary never actually killed anyone, and Donald doesn’t even know where the kitchen is, we will be the wiser, and not feed any more stupidity out into the ‘verse. We can be the torchbearers for the late, great Uncle Walt, and not trust the lies.

Uncle Walt is dead. Long live Uncle Walt.





When you’re done here, please read The Rise and Rise of Fake News (in it’s entirety). It is fascinating.

Hillary Loves Donald. An update.

I wrote and published this article originally in March of 2016.

At the time, Gary Johnson had not hit my radar. His candidacy pulled me away from any “write-in-protest-vote” I’d considered. Then, Aleppo. Then, the foreign leader thing. Oh, well. He’s out (for me).

As of today, October 1, 2016, I still stand by my conspiracy theory outlined here. ESPECIALLY the email to the supporters section.

Although, I might have changed my own decision on whom to vote for once or twice since then. Anyway, see if you can follow my mental wanderings.



I cannot be the only one who has thought of this. However, I’ve not found anything in writing as of yet, so as a registered Independent, I’ll say it.

Hillary Loves Donald.

There, it’s now in writing.

Why do I say such a thing? Is it because I have no notion of politics? Is it because I’m a little naive? Is it because I’m stark raving mad?

Well, a little of all of the above.

Now, here’s my “Vast Left Wing Conspiracy” theory (double points if you get the reference).

There are very few people I know personally that are supporters of The Donald for President. Okay, I’ll be honest. There is only one that I know myself. Even that person, though a good heart, kind, yadda, yadda, yadda… that person is misguided. Always has been. Should his world view ever be expanded beyond his back door, I’m certain he would be a much more rounded person. Read that as you will.

Now, on the left hand, we have Hillary. She has a world view beyond compare. How she’s chosen to interpret the input is in her own doing. The charges against her, though never convicted (she’s not stupid), would tighten the most hardened stomach. Everyone knows she has wanted to be President from the beginning. You cannot have forgotten her quote, “We are the President!” have you? If you claim to have never heard that, you’re cute. Now, go check Snapchat while the grownups talk.

Over on the right hand, we have The Donald. This guy has been talking about running for President since the 1980’s. This is the first time it’s gotten so far. Which raises the question: Why?

Side Question: Have you ever watched House of Cards? If not, let me say it is fabulous entertainment. If you have, you know where I’m going with this.

Also, as a quick reminder; Hillary lost the Democratic nomination to President Barack Obama in the election of 2008.

Now, the set-up complete, the conspiracy theory begins.

donald-melania-trump-bill-hillary-clinton-600(Maring Photography/Getty Images/Contour by Getty Images)

What if…

Hillary was told by the back room powers-that-be to step aside to allow the first black President. Then, once his term(s) were through, she could run with all blessings.

As the Presidency of Barack Obama came to an end, a stooge was  plucked from the masses, someone no thinking voter could tolerate, and set up as the opposing party’s choice. Hillary’s main supporters put out a call (via very private email during her stint as Madame Secretary, perhaps?) to her loyal fan base to switch parties, and vote for the loud mouth ignoramus that has been set up to run against her. She cannot lose. How can she not love Donald Trump?

Wait, you say. What about Bernie?

Okay, everyone. Are we done laughing?

I predict Bernie will have a total meltdown, and soon. Even if he doesn’t (snicker) the Electoral College will sway toward the favor of Ms. Clinton no matter the popular vote. Mark my words.

So, Trump continues to say whatever bullshit that pours from his mouth, because he’s been encouraged to be as outlandish, as ridiculous, and as myopic a xenophobe as he wants to be. His repulsive behavior (and, IMHO, face) will turn even the most hardened hater of the Clinton’s to vote for Hillary.

I hate to say it, but I am nearly swayed.

Nah. I’ll still write in Condoleezza Rice as my protest vote. I know a vote for Ms. Rice is going to be a throwaway vote, and therefore a vote for Clinton. But since I know the next President will be Hillary, I don’t think it much matters.

I dare you to join me.



Thanks for reading. Since March a lot of charges against Hillary have been settled, and my circle of pundits have (almost) gotten me to consider…

Maybe Hillary isn’t so bad after all.

IRS Scam Alert


A good friend got a call on her cell from “The IRS” stating that she had an $8,000.00 fine, and if not paid NOW, they would take her to jail. She had not known of any fine, or that there was any action against her. But they insisted she was about to be arrested for the error on her taxes.

My friend is a goodhearted, loving individual that would not hurt even the feelings of a fly. These bastards prey on that very type of person. The bully on the other end of the call told her not to hang up, and she didn’t. When she went for gas, he asked why she stopped at the 7-11.

She was permitted to go to the bank. Once she got there, she took the chance to answer her son’s phone call. Thank the ever-loving God above that her son convinced her it was a scam.

A collective sigh of relief. She went to her son’s house, and further taking his advice, removed the battery from her phone in case they were still tracking her.

This all happened today, and that’s the last I’d heard.

Can you imagine the fear? I’ve heard of other scams where the person is told that their husband/wife/child/parent has been kidnapped, and they must pay the ransom, now. No other phone calls allowed, no other contact permitted. Pay, or the loved one dies.

I wonder. How much money do these low-life’s make on terrorizing others? It would be eliminated immediately if people did one thing.

Hang up.

If you’re really worried, call the phone number of the office the scammer claimed to be from. google/bing/edge it. You’ll find the truth.

Contacting the police and/or the fraud division of your bank would be the next, best move.

Most importantly; The IRS will not call you demanding money out of the blue. They will not notify you by phone if you owe them money. They will not notify you by phone if they are suing you. In fact, they are currently so overwhelmed from budget cuts, you’d be lucky to speak to a human from the IRS at all.



Geek Street Station

Hey Everyone!

If you haven’t heard, I’m writing under a new pseudonym, “Grandma Geek” and loving it! I’ve been a geek for most of my life, so it seemed a natural.

There will be a launch party for the website I’m joining. The site will be called Geek Street Station, and it’s where you can get your geek on no matter what category geek you fall under.

If you’re in the Orlando area, please come by and say hi to JL Mo a/k/a Grandma Geek at the Geek Street Station Launch Party. There’s a ton of prizes to be won, and Epic Events will be on hand to keep the party going.




My dad used to joke, “What do I need with a TV that has remote control? I’ve got five of them now.” My four siblings and I always appreciated his attempt at humor.

I tell you this to remind you of how old I am, and to put in mind all of the television programming that has paraded past in my lifetime. Andy Griffith was just a tad before my time, but have you heard of the TV show Star Trek, starring William Shatner? I was privileged enough to watch the first episode on its first airing. Let me tell you, that was cutting edge television in 1966. Oh, and another show from my past… I ran all the way home from school to catch the new show called Dark Shadows. The show paved the way for others like The Walking Dead. That it was broadcast in the afternoons is the only reason I could watch it. If my mom had known her little girl was watching that smut, she’d have had a fit.

Ah, times were golden.

I’m not saying today’s TV doesn’t stack up. It does. But there is a show which has just been announced that I am totally stoked about.
DC comics is unveiling their first made-for-TV sitcom, starring Alan Tudyk. You read that right. (Yes, yes, there are other actors in it, but, so what?) The story surrounds an insurance office which employs ‘normal’ people who process claims in a world where superheroes are a thing. And it’s called… Powerless.

As in, “I’m powerless to make this project move any faster to get to me.”

Here’s a link so you can get in on the fun. (Thanks, Nerdist)
NBC announces DC sitcom POWERLESS