Cesar the White Knight

I recently came upon a writing prompt from Hit RECord to tell about your first pet. Wow! The memory of Cesar came flooding back into my mind. This little tale is what I submitted.



At the age of fifteen, I came home from summer camp to find a ball of white fur curled around the leg of our kitchen table. It turned out to be a white German shepherd puppy named Cesar, given to me by my cousin. From the look on my step-father’s face, he wasn’t happy with it. I knew times were tough, so I promised all of my pay from my part-time gig to cover the expenses for the dog. If not for the gift coming from family, and a little goading from my mom, I wouldn’t have been allowed to keep it.

My step-father was an occasional bully and a belligerent man. He would strike me just for laughs, beat me when he felt it ‘appropriate’. But as Cesar grew, it became my defender. So much so that my wake up call for school changed from a profanity-laced roar in my ear, to a gentle clearing of the throat from the partially-opened bedroom doorway. Accompanied by the deepest of throat growls from my white knight laying on the floor at my bedside.

I loved Cesar more than I had loved any animal before or since. He was my constant companion. Admired by all (except for, well, you know), he was a fun, fun-loving, gentle giant of a dog.

One day I came home from school to learn that Cesar was gone. My mother told me that a man came to the door looking for the owner of the shepherd. He had said the dog bolted out in front of his car, and he couldn’t stop in time. I cried for days.

Whether truth or not, Cesar was gone. My white knight had been taken from me. No animal will ever come near the depth of love I had for that dog.


Do you remember your first pet? Care to share? Hopefully, it’s a little more uplifting than mine.  😉



JL Mo is a mother of two full grown geeks, and Nana to their geeks-in-training. She is also the author of the McShane Mini-Mystery series, and has had a number of stories published in various anthologies which can be accessed on her Amazon Author Page.

4 thoughts on “Cesar the White Knight”

  1. I remember him. He used to let us little ones ride him like a horse. He was not a fan of anyone being around while he ate his dinner. He would growl if you got near him during feeding time. I miss him too.

    1. Guilty as charged for putting you and Ciss on his back! 😀 I do remember he was a bit territorial when it came to dinner time. But, his feeding area was rather crowded in the walk-thru to the back door.

  2. I so understand how you feel. Sadie wasn’t our first dog, she is the 2nd dog that my husband and I have owned. She is our 2nd Ratterrier. We just lost her in Oct. and it’s still so hard to deal with and I miss her so much. To me, it feels like losing my kid. We don’t have 2 legged kids. We felt a deep love for her. She was only 10 years old. Our first lived to be 17, so we thought we had plenty of time. She unexpectedly got cancer. She did us a favor, I believe. On that Sat. we made the decision of having her put down. She had a terrible night, and we knew she was suffering. She waited till my husband got up. I had spent all night with her. She wanted to go out. My husband saw that she was going to fall, went out and held her. He told her he loved her and she died, right there.

    I was hysterical, even though I knew it was coming. We had her cremated and she is on our mantle. She was a very sweet girl, with that terrier attitude at times. She brought us such joy. You could be having a crap day, and come home and seeing her…..we felt better. I think we laughed every day with her in our lives. I’m so grateful she was in our lives, but it is extremely hard to be without her. I still break down. I so hope to see her in the window….I hope her spirit is there. I believe that they have souls and go to heaven or wherever we go.

    One of the many funny things she would do, is pretend that she had to go outside, and as soon as one of us would leave the chair, she would steal it and look quite entitled to being there. She would lay back to back with me…..I loved that….she would sleep by my husband’s legs. She had many beds and lots of toys. Our life pretty much surrounded with her in mind. It’s very sad and weird without her.

    1. Hi Sally,
      I’m so sorry for your loss.
      Thanks for sharing Sadie’s story. The joy you speak of is a testament to the love an animal can bring into our lives. You and your husband were richly blessed for having such an amazing dog, and I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. Perhaps there’s another dog out there that will be blessed with your home and love, but it will never be the love Sadie had from you. That’s on your mantle. But maybe, after a little while, you’ll find that you have a brand new measure of love to give. And Sadie will smile and look quite entitled.

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