How to Cope with the Loss of your Candidate in 3 Easy Steps

How to Cope with the Loss of (Hillary/Donald/Gary/Jill/Evan) in 3 Easy Steps


Your heart raced when you first became interested in your candidate. We know it did. Maybe you did a little research to find out more before throwing your full support into that campaign. Everything the candidate said made perfect sense. Well, almost everything. Still. The best candidate for the President of the USA is your candidate. How could anyone NOT vote for (Hillary/Donald/Gary/Jill/Evan)?

On Wednesday the 9th you are hurt, confounded, distraught, and maybe even a little enraged.

We understand. But, what now?

You’ve come to the right blog. Here at “Life. One Short Story at a Time.” we’ve seen a few elections. As registered Independents, we’ve chosen our candidates carefully, and then poured donations of money, time, sweat, and tears into one campaign or another.

Oh well. Sometimes, it just wasn’t meant to be. Anyway, we are familiar with the sorrow of the loss, and want to help.

The first thing you’ll need to do is grab your wine, beer, liquor, or whatever you’d prefer. And don’t forget your shot glass. Also, you might need a pillow.

Without further ado, “How to cope with the loss of (Hillary/Donald/Gary/Jill/Evan) in 3 steps”

1)   It’s okay to be angry.

Life isn’t fair. From the moment we came into this world, this one lesson has been beaten over our heads. But when we’ve put this much of our heart into something so much bigger than ourselves, it just has to work. Sanity must win! But… it didn’t this time. At least, not for you and (Hillary/Donald/Gary/Jill/Evan).

When the urge to scream (or cry) comes on, go with it. Grab your pillow, bury your face in it, and scream your lungs out. Shout, curse, rant, rave. I only recommend the pillow should there be anyone else within ear shot. Trust me. It’s embarrassing. Then, when your throat is raw from the power you’ve unleashed, take a shot. This should soothe your sore throat, and your troubled soul. For a little while, anyway.

2)   Accept that the world is still turning.

No matter what you might have heard, the world did not, in fact, come to an end on November 8. Perhaps when the new President is sworn in on Friday, January 20, 2017, it might. But not now. So, every time you hear your candidates name from Election Day to Inauguration Day, take a shot. You might want to turn off the news for a while.

3)   Commiserate Together

Once you’ve accepted that the world is still turning, and your throat no longer hurts (too bad), go find those friends and family that were like-minded in their dedication to (Hillary/Donald/Gary/Jill/Evan). They must be as devastated as you in this time of merciless mourning. Call each other. Get together. Make it a party.

Each time someone says, “I can’t believe we didn’t win,” you all take a shot.


I hope this helped. If not, I’ll take the shot.



JL Mo is a mother of two, and Nana to four. She is also the author of the McShane Mini-Mystery series, and has had a number of stories published in various anthologies which can be accessed on her Author Page.

Thanks for reading.

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