Trip of a Lifetime – 24 hours in Paris

Part 2


Well, that was an adventure.

We landed safely in the fabulous city of Paris. Instead of landing on Saturday, thanks to Hurricane Matthew, it was on Monday. At one in the afternoon. Our train tickets to get to London are non-refundable, and we leave at 11 in the morning on Tuesday.

We’ve got a lot of sightseeing to squeeze in to one day. Of course, we haven’t slept a nickle’s worth, but we will not allow this to stop us!

First up, collect our luggage.

We spent an entire day choosing what we were to pack for ten days in three countries. Both of our wardrobes were condensed to five days worth. We were depending on the laundry services advertised. The length of time we would be away from such services, would be five days (more on that later). All of that, with our daily medications, were packed in one bag. The second held our shoes, and two laptops. I decided to forgo a purse, and we put everything else we might need into two backpacks. After all, we’re tourists from tourist land. We know how to play this game.

At the luggage carousel, we collected the shoe bag. Then, we waited. And waited. And then we waited some more. We waited until the sign proclaimed all bags “delivered”.

Except, they weren’t.

The man at the help desk was very sympathetic with our plight of not having any clothes except what was on our backs. He asked us for the address where the bag could be delivered within the next 24 to 72 hours.


We requested they be sent from whatever place they might be found, to the London address where we were to be in 24 hours.

As a bonus, my phone was not working. The carrier had been contacted before we left the states, and the service should have been activated.

Except it wasn’t.

So, I couldn’t call our friends. Adrian works in the city, and lives in the suburban area with her family. After a delay at the airport, we got on the RER for an educational ride on the train/subway system, trying to reach her before she got off work. Nearing four o’clock, I finally got the courage to ask a young lady who was speaking on her phone in English, if she would be willing to call my friend for me.

Once reached, Adrian asked what station we were coming to next. She said “get off now, and I’ll come to you.” Now THAT’s a friend.

We were to be staying in Paris with Adrian and Arnot for the full three days of our visit.

Once united, she took us to see the Arc De TriompheChamps-ÉlyséesSacre Coeur, and the sparkling Eiffel Tower. All were breathtakingly beautiful.

These friends provided sleepwear for the evening. The next day, we declined taking their clothes with us, since our bags are waiting for us at the apartment.

As we got our few belongings together, she gave us specific instructions as to how to reach the EuroStar. We are so grateful to our wonderful host and hostess for showing us so much, in such a short expanse of time. Adrian, you rock!  I cannot wait to get to our rented apartment in London (the complex has a concierge, thankfully) and be reunited with our clean clothes.

Unless, of course. . .


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