The Grandma Geek

Hey everyone!

Another one of Life’s short stories is beginning…

I’ve been asked to be a contributor on an upcoming website to be called, “Geek Street Station.” My posts will be under Grandma Geek. Here’s the opening to my first post.


The Grandma Geek

Yeah, Grandma Geek. So what? I was a geek when you were learning to walk!

Alright, alright. Sorry. Let’s start over.

*ahem* Hi there. I’m Grandma Geek. Welcome to Geek Street Station.

I tend to get a little defensive these days. The things people say about geeks drives me crazy. Once upon a time we were perceived as awkward, socially inept outcasts. Today we’re supposed to be über intelligent, sophisticated, and even sexy. Where was all this adulation of geekdom when I was young?


This is going to be so much fun. I’ll post a link here for anyone who might like to check out the site once it goes live.


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