Two of my stories were chosen for the anthology, StoryHole (Yay!).  C. Lee Brown writes the intro and sets the premise. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading the final as of yet, but his plotline is that two travelers are stranded on a distant planet, and come upon a town that shares stories as currency. A pretty cool approach, in my opinion.

My first story, “The Witch and the Fox” is a nod to the late, great, Edgar Allan Poe. A dark tale of greed, and love, with tragic consequences.

The second one, titled “A Haunted Trailer” is much lighter. A woman, who was recently widowed, believes the single wide trailer she shared with her late husband is haunted with his ghost. Of course, she is ridiculed. But who gets the last laugh?

I’ll post here when (and where) StoryHole is available, and do hope you’ll pick up a copy.

Thanks for reading!

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