Stop and see the Big Bird


All of those talking heads that espouse the virtues of “taking your time” to “stop and smell the roses” or to “look around at the marvelous” really annoy me sometimes. Come on! We’re adults. We’ve got things to do, and not enough time in the day to do them all.

But then, there are other times, like yesterday. I did stop, backed up, and laughed out loud! I thought Big Bird from Sesame Street had come by my house.

Here’s what happened.

Like so many other households, the interior door between the garage and the house is very well used. So many times a day, in fact, I’ve considered just removing the wooden blockade. Of course that would be ridiculous. (I mean, it would be, right?) But seriously, in and out, in and out, all day. The washer/dryer are in the garage, just inside the door, along with all of the sundry items that are retrieved on a daily basis. What I’m saying is, it’s become just another chore, coming in and out of the garage.

That’s all this was. Another shadow on the wall, just another sight, as I came inside from yet another chore.

In the time it took to close the garage door behind me, and walk down the hall in my pursuit of whatever important task lay before me, the image I’d just seen jumped to the forefront of my thoughts. I froze, and then did a double take like something you’d see in a gag reel. I ran back to the door and flung it open. To my delight, it was real (not a figment of my over-active imagination), and it was still there. AND I remembered to take these pictures, so my friends and family had to believe me.


Big Bird 01 Big Bird? Is that you?


The number of things that came together to make this image is the true marvel. Follow me, if you will…

  • My husband had come home and left the overhead garage door open.
  • A driver of the car parked across the street chose to back in that day, causing the reflection of the sun to shine like a laser beam off of its windshield.
  • The Bird of Paradise in our front yard happened to be in bloom, with a flower in the direct line of that beacon.
  • The ray from the windshield, like a spotlight in the daytime hours, created a shadow of the flower, and when I opened the door…
  • that shadow became an outline of Big Bird on the louver closet door inside.

Big Bird 03


In conclusion I’d just like to say…

As adults, we should slow down every so often… and see the Big Bird.




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