Thanks John Oliver

On occasion, being a Floridian makes one the subject of ridicule. Much to my embarrassment, John Oliver’s favorite target these days is Florida. To the point, a recent segment of his HBO program, Last Week Tonight, included the failure of Florida’s judicial system.


The next day, a professor at a local university, Mr. Justin Stone, informed me that the State of Florida was the first to establish a Public Defenders Office. That restored my faith (a little).


Then yesterday , as if in answer to this scathing attack, Orange-Osceola Chief Judge Frederick Lauten quashed twenty-one thousand (yes 21,000) arrest records, and put an end to the debt-collection policy, effectively eliminating Florida’s Debtors Prison. Yeah, that’s a thing. Well, it was until John Oliver pointed his laser ray of humiliation on it.


On behalf of at least 21,000 people… Thanks, #LastWeekTonight



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