Role Models

I watched a video from Buzzfeed this morning, titled “Change The Way You Look At Women” and it left me perplexed. The basic idea presented tells us not to look at the gender, as a whole, the way the advertiser’s present them to us. That we should “look around” at the everyday women for our inspiration.

To this I would like to say…

Well, duh.

Do we, as adults, need to be told that our children require better role models than those found on the cover of a glossy magazine, or on billboards, or even television? Really?

Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I am now fifty-four years old, have raised two fine men, and recognize a true reality of life; as a species, we like to look at pretty things. Mountains, the ocean, a sunrise/sunset, and yes, a pretty girl. Or even a pretty boy.

This does not mean, generally speaking, we would tell our children to look to the pretty ones as a measure for what we should look like, or (Good Lord!) how we should behave. All good parents already know this to be true.

I believe it is okay to buy the things the pretty ones are selling. Mascara, clothes, a good wrench. However, I don’t believe we’re “being told” to emulate those who represent products.

And it’s nothing we, as good parents, would ever tell our children.

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